Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Annoying Things

If he was a person he'd be the kind you hate
Today's blog is going to be about annoying things that people do. Despite the fact that I'm working to become a social worker, I have a secret deep dislike for people in general.  Here are some of the things that really, really bug me about people.  Take a trip over to the comments and tell me what bugs you about people!

  • The annoying student who doesn't follow notes/homework.
    It's really annoying when someone never ever takes notes for class or takes down the homework.  I know people who ask me after every single class: "Hey what did we have for homework?" or "Hey I've never taken notes in my life, do you think you could just take an hour out of your free time and type up the ones you've actually bothered to take and send them to me? Thanks!"
  • When someone calls and you just barely miss it! You call them back right away and it just rings through.  What did you do after you called me? Put the phone down and walk away? Chuck it as far as you could? I know you're ignoring me, you douchebag.
  • Vague facebook comments that refuse to be explained.  See below for example:
Then why did you post it as a STATUS? 
  • People who block doorways/sidewalks.
  • People who walk really slow.

What are some of your pet peeves about people?