Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Annoying Things

If he was a person he'd be the kind you hate
Today's blog is going to be about annoying things that people do. Despite the fact that I'm working to become a social worker, I have a secret deep dislike for people in general.  Here are some of the things that really, really bug me about people.  Take a trip over to the comments and tell me what bugs you about people!

  • The annoying student who doesn't follow notes/homework.
    It's really annoying when someone never ever takes notes for class or takes down the homework.  I know people who ask me after every single class: "Hey what did we have for homework?" or "Hey I've never taken notes in my life, do you think you could just take an hour out of your free time and type up the ones you've actually bothered to take and send them to me? Thanks!"
  • When someone calls and you just barely miss it! You call them back right away and it just rings through.  What did you do after you called me? Put the phone down and walk away? Chuck it as far as you could? I know you're ignoring me, you douchebag.
  • Vague facebook comments that refuse to be explained.  See below for example:
Then why did you post it as a STATUS? 
  • People who block doorways/sidewalks.
  • People who walk really slow.

What are some of your pet peeves about people?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Working in Groups/Groupwork

You've all been there.  You're looking over the syllabus for your new class and the first thing you rush to is the list of assignments.  You glance at the list: Essay, essay, test.... and finally:

Unfortunately for me this is definitely not an unusual occurrence in my program.  For those of you who do not know, I'm going to school to become a social worker.  Unfortunately to be a social worker, you have to work with people.  Huh, who'd a thunk it?  As a result, a lot of our projects involve group work in order to get us accustomed to working with others.

The downside with groupwork is that everyone relies on eachother.  It's difficult to put all your trust into another group of people, especially when your grade depends on them.  I just had an unfortunate experience with groupwork myself.  Our group was assigned a project to find a research study done on violence and education.  We were to make a poster about it.  Our meeting to begin our project was this morning, but unfortunately I couldn't make it.  I texted my groupmates to tell them to leave me some work so I could do my share.

A few hours later I got a text telling me that all the work was done! I'm feeling kinda dooped out now.  I really didn't want to be "that" student that doesn't contribute anything to the project.  But what can you do, right? I was told I could look over the poster and add my two cents to it, but it seems pretty finished as it is.

I guess all I can do is try to get my creative juices flowing and add something to the poster that contributes. 
So tell me bloggers, how do you feel about groupwork? Does it make a difference if its with your friends, or do you think that makes it even worse? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ultimate guide for the college student.

1.  Expensive books
Books are ridiculously expensive nowadays and college students are reaping the consequences  (boxed mac and cheese for dinner?) I've done some research to find the best websites for cheap books.  Unfortunately the problem with buying books online is 1. you need a credit card and 2. you dont get your books for a while.  But its still worth it.

a. Alibris
I can personally vouch for this website myself.  I've bought many books from them, and every so often they send you emails for 10% off, 5$ off, etc.  A girl in my class personally found a 150$ book for 99 cents.  Yes, 99 cents.  Check it out and look at the books you've already bought.  How much would you have saved?

b.  Exchange websites.
I decided not to put a link for this one because theres so many websites out there for book exchanges.  I also didnt want to put limits on whether or not you live in canada.  But basically, a book exchange website is a website that you can join and exchange textbooks with something.  Although this can sometimes be a hit or miss, its another good way to get books for cheap.  The only con is that the books will most likely be second hand.  This means there might be writing in it, or highlights.

c.  Amazon/ebay
Another good place to get books, and probably the most common to get books online.  I've also bought books from amazon, and with this you sometimes get the option to deliver in one day! Now that is sweet.  Books also come new and used, giving you the choice of buying the slightly more expensive (but still cheap!) new book, or the cheap used book (which can sometimes come in nearly new condition anyway!)

2.  Meals
Are you guys even surprised that I would include meals in this blog? I didnt think so.

a. Oreo Truffles
I had to include this in the blog, even if its not a really healthy meal.  I never said these meals would help you stay lean ;) But oreo truffles are a well known college students treat, because it doesnt require actual cooking.  All you need is oreos, a blender, cream cheese and chocolate.  Bam! A rich, delicious dessert.

b.  Chocolate crepes
Yet again, another less healthy option.  The beauty about these though, is that you can put a side plate of fruit on the side to make it a bit more healthy.  Dribble with some syrup (chocolate syrup really goes well with these in my opinion) and you're good to go.

c.  BLT
I trust that I dont need to include a recipe for this? Its pretty well known, and so, so easy to make.  Fry your bacon (I recommend trying skillet bacon.  Its a bit weird at first but I love it now!) toast your toast (protip: Toast the bottom piece and keep a regular piece of bread for the top piece.  This way, the toast doesnt scrape the top of your mouth, but you still get the bottom piece of crunchiness!) tomato, lettuce, and your sauce of choice (I love honey mustard).

3.  Procrastination elimination.
I know my biggest cause of procrastination is laziness.  My books are on the other side of the room? Oh well.  I'll just browse facebook.

a. Be aware of what youre doing.
In my opinion, my biggest problem with procrastination is that I'm not really aware of what I'm doing.  I'll start doing homework, and then two seconds later I'm on facebook.  I often catch myself saying "What the hell? How did I end up on here?" and its not only with facebook that I do that.  Its with anything that I dont really want to do.  The other day I was suppose to attend an AA meeting for a class assignment, but I didnt want to.  When the time rolled around, I completely ignored the fact that I had to go.  It was only a few hours later that I realized I missed it.  Doh!
Thats why its important to not block out the things on your to do list.  People are so use to ignoring what stresses them out, but all that does is stress you out even more! Make it a conscious decision to think about what you have to do and not stop doing it til its done.

b.  Carry an agenda
You may feel silly your first few weeks with an agenda but it helps tremendously.  A lot of my teachers kept telling me that I would never pass my program if I didnt get an agenda, but I didnt believe them.  As the semesters went on, my marks went lower and lower.  Once I got an agenda, everything became a lot easier! Even if I wasnt checking my agenda after I wrote things, it still helped to write them down in the first place.  It was as if writing it down was reinforcing it in my brain.

In summary, college can be easy or hard, it really depends on how you utilize the resources around you.  Hopefully the information I've included in this post can help you in your studies.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Its Like to Have a Gamer Boyfriend

Hey all

I've been thinking about what to blog about recently as I'm trying to update everyday.  I turned to my boyfriend and asked him what he would want to read about in a blog.  "*mumble mumble*.. I dunno. - OH COME ON DONT DO THAT! LEARN TO PLAY THIS GAME PROPERLY." is what he said.  Maybe not in those exact words.  He was yelling at the xbox live video game he was playing (Dont worry, no domestic violence in this household). 

"Thank you!" I said.  Through our strong connection I heard what he really meant to say: "blog about having a gamer boyfriend!"

Heh.. Now this blog may be a bit different for those who have gamer boyfriends because I happen to live with my boyfriend, so I see his gamer side a lot more than someone who may not live with their boyfriend, but here I go to try to sum it up in one blog. Bare with me.

5.  We spend less time together.
With my all past boyfriends, our time together was spent with each other.  If I was at their house for the week, we'd be inseparable.  The thing is, we often fought a lot too.  Spending so much time together was detrimental to our relationship, even if I didn't live with them and only saw them a few times a week.  I'm sure you read this heading and thought "poor her.. He ignores her for video games" but you couldn't be more wrong! That's the best thing about dating a gamer boyfriend.  I believe we wouldn't be able to stand eachother if he wasn't playing his video games.  Why? Because when he's doing his hobby, I have time to do mine! At the end of the night, we're able to come together and enjoy eachothers company for real, instead of being overloaded with eachother from spending every waking moment stuck to eachothers side.

4.  I never have to worry about presents
We've all been there.  What the hell do I buy my boyfriend/girlfriend for Christmas? Then you go around asking your friends for advice, and they all tell you the same thing: "You know him better than I do.  Think about what he likes to do?" But with a gamer boyfriend, I never have this problem! What do I get him? A video game! A new console? Microsoft points for xbox? The possibilities are endless.

3.  Everything is quicker
Now now, lets get our minds out of the gutter.  I'm not talking about that kind of quicker.  I'm talking about his motor skills, his hand eye coordination, and while we're at it, his amazing skills with his fingers (okay, maybe I'm the one with my mind in the gutter..) Its been proven that gaming greatly increases various skills like this, and it shows in our everyday life.  He's been known to say that he looks at life like a video game.  He's quick to take on challenges, and considers all his options before he decides to make a move.  Video games have given him the ability to be systematic and challenging about his life.  Who doesnt want a boyfriend who jumps at the opportunity to reach his "quest".

2. He knows how to stick up for his girl
Gaming has given my boyfriend the incredible ability to trash talk anyone and do it well.  If you're a gamer yourself, you know the amount of trash talk that goes on in a multiplayer game.   Its not exactly "classy" trash talk, but if you game enough, you develop the quick ability to formulate a comback in seconds.  You pretty much have to, if you dont want to look like the bitch of the game.  However, this comes in handy when I'm being nagged on by someone in real life.  I know what you're thinking: A girl can stick up for herself.  But believe me, I can't.  I'm just glad I have a boyfriend who's able to bust out something like "If I wanted my own comeback, I'd wipe it off your moms chin."  He's so classy!

1.  I get to learn from him
Have you ever tried to date someone who didn't have any hobbies? Yea, me too.  I think we lasted about a month.  I'm so glad that my boyfriend is able to have his own hobby, and it really keeps things interesting for our relationship.  He can talk for hours about video games and I'm always really impressed about the things he has to say.  I can sit there and watch him perfect a video game in seconds and there is nothing sexier than that.  I know I have a talented boyfriend.  Not only that, but video games are ever changing.  There's always new games coming out, which means we always have something to talk about.   I'm really lucky in the sense that I (italics to really emphasize that I'm the most basic beginner "gamer" out there) get to here about the newest tips and tricks to beating and perfecting a video game.  Now if only I could actually be good at them.

Friday, February 25, 2011

5 ready-made meals that have ruined something great.

5.  Kraft Dinner
I was stumbling the other day when I came across a website with a recipe for Mac and Cheese.  I'm not gonna lie, when I'm stumbling and I'm hungry these pages get the best of me.  All I could think of was, "When is the last time I actually made macaroni and cheese myself?" (It was three years ago, but thats besides the fact.) Kraft Dinner is number 5of the nasty culprits that ruined something great.  With a box coming at an easy $1.25, no one wants to run out and buy cheese, macaroni, and all the other delicious ingredients to make an actual homemade meal.

4.  Box Cake Mix
Box cake has single handedly turned a family event (in my family at least) into a fat lazy mans dream.  No one wants to take the time to make a unique cake from scratch anymore, they just want to go out and buy a box, throw some eggs and oil in it and have their cake and eat it too.  Luckily, there's a new fad coming out called Cake Box Doctoring.  The possibilities are endless.  Vanilla cake and chocolate pudding? No problem! Yellow box cake and caramel pudding? Sure! This also creates an easily alternative to those of us who are cake-from-scratch-handicapped.

3.  Soup Cans
Delicious campbells soup has gotten me through plenty of long hungry nights as a college student.  But at the price they sell it, its almost not worth it to buy.  Soup cost next to nothing to make.  Think about it.  Water? Free.  A jar of chicken broth? Okay well I dont know how much that costs, but a jar of it will flavor your soup for months.  Buy some veggies, throw them in with your soup and you have a cheap ass meal that probably tastes much better than your store bought chunky.  Not only that, but the control you have over your dinner is enough to send you on a power-trip.

2. Shepherds pie
A delicious blend of potato, corn and beef, its no wonder how easy it is to devour a pan of this stuff.  Unfortunately, a lot of people dont make their own anymore.  Once I got older and started eating like a massive teenage girl, my parents realized its just easier and faster to feed me already boxed food (so this is how a cat feels?) Shepherds pie and lasagna were meals we had often in my family.. but they were definitely always ready-made.

1.  Lasagna
I was a little apprehensive to put this in the list, along with shepherds pie, mostly because I still know a lot of people who make theirs from scratch.  But I think it well deserves number one on the list.  Personally, I havent had homemade lasagna since I moved out of my moms house to be a broke college student (Starting to regret my decision on that one!) and as a result, I hardly enjoy lasagna anymore due to the fact that store bought tastes like a cardboard box, but yet I just cant bring myself to make my own.  Why would I? Theres ready-made lasagna being sold at the local grocery store right now!